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Life without a smartphone seems impossible nowadays. However, allowing your child to depend too much on their device can actually bring them trouble (for instance, their grades may suffer). That's why you should follow the tips below to keep your child's cell phone from being a distraction.

How to Prevent Cellphone Distractions

  1. The first step is to establish rules regarding your child's cell phone usage. Talk to them and teach them to stay safe while they're on it, as well as when they can and can't use it.
  2. It is imperative that you make it perfectly clear that their education is their priority. Their cell phone is a privilege, and they will only get to enjoy it once they have fulfilled their duties with school.
  3. If your child requires motivation in order to keep up with their responsibilities, use the phone as an incentive. You could even change the wifi password, to avoid distractions.
  4. Check to see if your child's phone has parental controls. If it does, you should enable them. Doing so will allow you to restrict the apps they download and the time they are on it.
  5. Finally, even though this should be a last resort, if your child has proven that they're not mature enough to have a cell phone, take it away from them.

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