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Putting your knowledge and abilities to the test can be a nerve-wracking situation. After all, exams make up a big percentage of your grade, which can impact other areas of your life. If you feel, however, that your nerves don't let you perform as well as you could on your tests, below you'll find a few tips to overcome them.

How to Overcome Exam Nerves

  1. Begin with leading a healthier life. Believe it or not, not feeding your body right and/or not getting enough sleep can make a difference in how you feel and in your ability to control your nerves. Eat well, sleep enough, and exercise to be more physically and mentally strong.
  2. If you're feeling anxious and overwhelmed, you can try planning ahead and create a strategy for your exams. Having a clear study plan, for example, can help you feel more in control of the situation, which can lower your nerves significantly.
  3. If you don't study effectively, it's probable that you'll feel that much more nervous about your tests. For that reason, you should employ a few techniques to improve your study methods. Enrolling in tutoring, for instance, can help in this respect.
  4. Sometimes, it can really help channeling all of that nervous energy into other relaxing activities. Playing with your pet, breathing in deeply, or exercising for a while can make you feel better.
  5. You should also focus on positive thoughts. If you think that you will do badly in an exam, it's more likely that it will happen. Trust yourself and know that you can take on any challenge that comes your way.
  6. Finally, discuss how you're feeling with your parents, your friends, or your teachers. If needed, visit a professional who can help you understand and control your anxiety.

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