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How to Avoid Your Child Suffering From Summer Learning Loss

Summer learning loss is a common problem in the United States. Researchers have discovered that during the month-long summer break, standardized test scores can drop significantly for many students. They have also found that on average, teachers spend around six weeks at the beginning of each year re-teaching material covered at the end of the previous year due to the academic regression experienced by the majority of students. However, with a little time and effort, it is possible to ward off summer learning loss in your children by keeping their brains engaged all summer long. In this article, The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest would like to share our top eight ways to avoid summer learning loss.

Be World Travelers From Your Living Room

To practice creative writing and geography skills, provide your children with information about a different country each week and ask them to create a presentation to tell you about it. You can try buying traditional foods to try together, watching movies set in that country, using an atlas, and searching the internet.

Make Math Part of Daily Life

The best thing about math is that it is something that we use every day. Get your kids involved in baking to practice fractions. Test their mental arithmetic on trips to the grocery store. With a little imagination, you can ensure that your children keep using the ‘math’ part of their brain, without even noticing that they’re doing it!

Arrange Educational Activities

Your children don’t need to spend every day of their summer vacations watching television. You can stimulate their interest in new things by organizing educational trips to places like the local aquarium, the science museum or art gallery. A convenient way to maintain regular study during the vacations is through tutoring services. The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest offers a wide variety of services at a tutoring learning center. Call today at 949-273-3534 to find out more.

Introduce Daily ‘Reading Time.'

Reading is one of the best activities for improving vocabulary and writing skills as well as memory. Try introducing a period of ‘quiet time’ every evening when you can enjoy a good book together. You can try reading to each other, or each family member can select their own book to read. Make sure to provide age-appropriate options so that your children can engage with their books and hopefully fall in love with reading.

Role Reversal

A fun activity to try out with your kids is asking them to be the teacher. You’ll be surprised what you can learn from them. Ask them to pick a topic that they’ve found interesting at school this year and prepare a lesson on it for you. This provides an excellent opportunity to revise topics covered as well as improving your children’s self-esteem and presentation skills.

Make the Most of Travel Time

When traveling across the country this summer, journeys needn’t be time wasted. Keep your children’s brains engaged by playing word games or listening to audio-books. These are fun, educational activities that all members of the family can enjoy.

Focus on Weak Areas

If your child has been struggling in certain materials and topics at school, make the most of the extra time that you have together during the summer vacation to help them improve. Try designing three or four short activities per day to practice weak areas, for example, foreign languages or math. By spending as little as thirty minutes studying each day with your child, you can overcome summer learning loss and even help them head into the new school year more confident than before.

Get Your Science Kit Out

There are loads of really fun science activities that you can carry out with you children at home. Try using LEGO blocks to learn about structures, or making a plastic-bottle rocket help explain concepts like forces, gravity, and even learn about space travel! Look online for hundreds of other easy ideas to try at home.

Tutoring near Laguna Woods

These are eight great ways which you help your child to keep their brain active over the summer break and help to make learning fun. If you find that your child is struggling to maintain their lessons over the summer break, or they need a helping hand with certain subjects, tutoring near Laguna Woods can help. The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest offers a great selection of innovative tutoring services. Call today at 949-273-3534 to find out more about the benefits of tutoring near Laguna Woods.


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