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How Tutoring Services in Lake Forest Can Remove Social Influences From a Child's Learning Path

While your child is at home it can be relatively easy for parents to gain a general understanding of what their social life is like. Once they leave for and are at school, however, it can often become a very different story. Alongside the regular and easily identifiable social distractions such as social media networks and texting, another very powerful social aspect can be working against your child’s genuine desire to learn. Social influence. Often an aspect that parents and teachers have little control over, The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest has some information to share regarding social influence throughout your child’s school and how it has the very real potential to stop even the most interested student from learning.

What's the Underlying Cause?

One of the most popular underlying causes of social influences is student perception of what the word ‘cool’ means, and how it relates to them and their learning and academic paths. While just a word, ‘cool’ has a lot of power over a student’s mind.

Why Does a Student Ask for Help?

Unless your child is able to retain every lesson without fail they are likely to need help. Here are two of the main reasons a child will ask for help:
  • To make sure they have understood the lesson in its entirety and require no corrections.
  • They aren’t sure of something that has been presented to them and they want to know more.
For a student learning in a classroom with social influences, there is often a negative connection with asking for help and being ‘cool’. Such a small word now becomes quite powerful as its influence can prevent a student asking for help, leading to a reduction in their understanding of the lesson, or even worse, being corrected if they have understood the lesson in an incorrect way. Of course, as parents, or even just as adults, we are now well aware that how ‘cool’ you are perceived in school has absolutely nothing to do with your future learning options or employment offers that will be made available. Unfortunately, it can be hard to convey this important lesson to students who spend much of their time being surrounded by social influences. To navigate this challenge, parents looking to ensure their child receives the learning and lessons they need at the time where it is most important look for external environments where their child can excel. These environments often come in the form of tutoring classes in Lake Forest. Speak with your local tutoring provider, The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest at 949-273-3534 and ask about how a learning space free of such influences not only allows but encourages a student to excel at a time where their brain is primed for learning.

What Do Other Students Think?

Even harder for parents to convey to their child is how unimportant it is what other students think of their social standing when it comes to learning. Alongside trying to impress their friends, if a ‘cool kid’ in the class who has no interest in learning is seen as the social pinnacle of the school then it can deter even the most conscientious of students from asking for help or even to clarify that they understand the lesson. While refraining from asking any further questions of the teacher may make them appear to be more closely aligned with this ‘cool kid’, as parents we understand that not only is this feeling often temporary, it has no positive impact on their educational life after they leave school but even less impact when they enter the workforce and begin their post-education lives.

Removing the 'Cool Kid' Feeling With a Tutoring Learning Center in Lake Forest

The best way to remove the ‘cool kid’ from your child’s learning path is to remove the ‘cool kid’ from your child’s learning path. While homework in their rooms can be one way of helping, the lack of a teacher or learning professional leaves them to learn by themselves, often without the ability to ask further questions or gain additional clarification. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest at 949-273-3534 and ask about the learning spaces we have created where your child can receive quality tutoring services in Lake Forest without the social influences mentioned above. With access to a dedicated learning environment where they are actively encouraged to learn and ask questions, students who attend tutoring services in Lake Forest are provided with the best possibilities to learn.


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