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Tips to Help You Increase Your Child's Interest in Reading

Reading brings with it a number of great benefits, from expanding the exposure to new words and expanding personal vocabulary, to learning new ways and styles to write such as sentence structure, first and third person, along with learning more about active and passive voice. Each of these skills and the many more gained from reading combine to boost a child's abilities to articulate their thoughts and excel during their educational and career path. The challenge, however, is convincing your child of these benefits. More so, convincing them to the point where reading transfers from a strict school-based activity for the sole purpose of their studies, to a social activity in which they enjoy and can begin to see its benefits outside of a school situation. For this article, The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest has a few tips to share for parents who are looking to boost their child's interest in reading.

Lead by Example

Many parents underestimate the impact a child's perception of their parents actions and activities can have on their own interests and past-times. For example; if you enjoy reading in your bedroom before bed, however, your child only sees you watch television until you retire for the night, their perception is going to be that you just watch television. This, in turn, leads them to believe this is the norm and forms the basis of their interest in only watching television before bed. A positive aspect of perceptions is that they are easily managed through action. The next time you are preparing yourself to get settled for an hour of reading in your bedroom, move your reading time to somewhere public, such as the dining room or even the living room while your child watches TV. Showing your child that you are not only reading but prefer and choose to read even while the television is on can send a strong message and encourage them to read. If you are interested in helping your child to formally boost their interest and reading based skills, speak with The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest at 949-273-3534 and book a free consultation. During this, a trained tutor can discuss with you the many benefits of our "Geniuses in Training" programs which have been purpose designed to increase each child's skill and confidence levels in reading.

Make Reading Interactive

When children think about reading, it's often about the books they have been assigned during their regular class where each child reads at their desk. While this can have its benefits, it isn't the most interactive of activities and can lead children to become bored. Instead, help your child to choose a book to their liking which is directly related to a topic they are interested in - and buy two copies. As you both read your individual copies, before bed each night, get together to enjoy a snack or treat and discuss the book. Present your perception of the story and its characters in a well-articulated manner, and challenge theirs. While the purpose of this exercise isn't to argue, it can bring your child's excitement levels up from simply reading, to defending their perception and their favorite characters. If your child is of the age where they can understand adult-focused books, look for genres which they may not have thought of. These can include such books as autobiographies written by famous sports stars, should they have an interest in sports. As these stories are true and correct, you and your child can further research aspects and ideas brought up in the book to gain further information and can be a great source of further discussion. Not only is this a great way to make reading more interactive and less solitary, it provides a great tool for parents to connect with their child whilst also helping them learn.

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With these two easy to implement ideas, you will see an increase in your child's interest in reading and an increase in the benefits they gain from reading. Alongside this, any activity where a parent can connect and have a healthy discussion with their child is a great one. To take your child's learning even further, speak with The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest at 949-273-3534 to learn more about how tutoring services near Mission Viejo are helping more and more achieve higher grades and a better sense of confidence through reading and the benefits and joys it brings.


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