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It's not uncommon for students to feel less-than-excited about their return to school after a break. However, if you notice your child is feeling anxious about it, you can help ease their nerves with the tips mentioned below.

How to Ease Back-to-School Nerves

Help Them Study

If your child is lacking confidence in their knowledge and abilities, help them study before their return to school. Going over their notes and reading the syllabus will keep winter break learning loss at bay and will prepare them for the upcoming lessons.

Get the Supplies Ready

Getting everything ready at the last minute may spike your child's nerves. Help them get everything they will need (clothing, backpack, supplies, etc.) days in advance, so they can feel calmer about going back to school.

Talk to Them

Your child may feel better about their return to school if they vent and let out a few of their feelings. Talk to them and be sure to show your support and to offer your guidance. If needed, you could take them to a professional psychologist.

Employ Relaxation Techniques

Physical activities, breathing in deeply, doing arts and crafts, and other similar ventures can occupy your child, help them channel their energy, and may allow them to reach a more relaxed state, so give them a try.

Stay Positive

Finally, you should encourage your child to keep a positive attitude. Help them realize how lucky they are to go to school, and remind them of the good things about it. Thinking positively of school will likely lower their nerves and may even make them eager to go.

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