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If you are currently trying to decide if you’d like to have your child enrolled in a tutoring program, you’re likely doing research to determine the best options. The Tutoring Center in Lake Forest would like to assist you with that decision today by providing you with a bit of information about the diagnostic testing and academic programs you will find at The Tutoring Center. 

Before your child is enrolled in a tutoring program with The Tutoring Center, he or she will first be given a free diagnostic assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to see where your child is having academic or developmental difficulty. We will also find out more about your child’s learning style. Once the diagnostic assessment is completed a detailed report will be drawn up. A staff member at the center will review the results with you and give you the recommended course of action that should be taken with your child. You may receive the recommendation that your child should be enrolled in one of our “Geniuses in Training” or “Enrichment” programs, based on the test results. 

Our Geniuses in Training program is to help children who’ve fallen behind in the following areas:
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
The purposes of these programs is to work at the pace of your child to ensure he or she begins to fully grasp the concepts in any of these areas. The one on one instruction from the tutoring staff will help provide your child with the attention and assistance he or she needs and deserves. 

The Enrichment or Honors programs are for those students who find themselves above average in one or more of the same areas listed above. These programs are used to specifically challenge students who are not getting enough challenge in the classroom. 

It is entirely possible that your child would be enrolled in the “Geniuses” program for one subject area and the “Enrichment” program in another. 

If you would like more information about our programs you can find it on our website, and of course if there are remaining questions you would like answered, feel free to contact The Tutoring Center directly or even stop by. For tutoring in Lake Forest, call us at 949-273-3534.


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