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Quick Tips to Help Your Child Get Excited About Reading

In this day and age it can often be difficult to encourage your child to be enthusiastic about reading. With distractions like TV and Video games, holding their attention with a book can be a task for any parent. Here are some suggestions from the The Tutoring Center, Lake Forest to help get your child excited about reading. 

  • Don't Make It a Chore

    Ensure your child is reading books that are age appropriate and appeal to their interests. If they have an interest in Horses, do your research and find some fun books about horse riding and grooming, then let them choose the title that appeals to them most.
  • Read Along With Them

    Studies have shown that reading to your child from infancy can help develop their communication and language skills. Even if you’re a time challenged parent, small amounts of reading with to them can help them transition to reading with them, enjoying some valuable bonding time as you both enjoy reading.
  • Set a Good Example

    From a very early age children look to their parents as role models. A child seeing their parent engrossed in a novel or a magazine will encourage them to want to do the same. If your child never sees their parent reading, they will be less likely to want to do so themselves.
  • Expand Their Vocabulary

    Children who read often have a larger vocabulary than those that don’t as their brains are provided with a richer level of new words and contexts

Tutoring in Lake Forest CA

At the Tutoring Centre, Lake Forest we like to encourage children to expand their vocabulary as much as possible with one-to-one tutoring and structured learning programs that are designed to help your child succeed. Speak with us today on 949 273 3534 and ask about how our reading and general tutoring programs can give your child's learning a boost.


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