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Help Your Child Explore Their Artistic Side

Whether it's creating or admiring, art can be a great way to expand your mind and see images from other people's points of view. While traditionally not academic, Tutoring Center Lake Forest has a few ways for you to nurture your child's interest in art.

Let Them Choose

Introduce your children to numerous types of art from various sources and let them look and choose which is more appealing to them. Remember, art is personal, so really let them be free with what they enjoy.

Connect Art With Their Chores

If you find that your child enjoys painting but doesn't enjoy chores, mix them together.  If you have a chore board, have your child paint and decorate it as they wish. Alternatively, if you are about to paint or decorate your home, use inclusion in the process as an incentive for them to complete their chores or homework.

Give Them Space to Work

It doesn't matter what type of art they are interested in, it's going to get messy. Set aside an 'art area', potentially outside or somewhere that is easy to clean, and let their imaginations run wild. Prepare a work station with paints, colors, pencils, paper, everything.

Show Enthusiasm

While your child may not be a budding Monet, what they create matters, and how you react matters even more. Be sure to be enthusiastic with your child about their art. When you find them progressing, challenge them on specific tasks, such as drawing the house, or a scene in the garden. While art may seen only creative, anything that gets the brain working can have great positive effects.

Tutoring in Lake Forest CA

While many parents may discount art as solely artistic, it has great potential to expand your child's mind and help them with their visual perception and hand-eye coordination skills. To boost your child's academic brain, speak with a professional at The Tutoring Center in Lake Forest about our targeted training programs. Call now on 949 273 3534 and arrange a free consultation to learn about the many benefits of one-to-one instruction in Lake Forest.


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