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"But why?" is a question many children ask. And even though it may get repetitive at times, you should encourage your child to ask it, as asking questions is one of the best ways they have to learn about the world around them. To ensure your child will remain on their quest to find answers and learn more, follow the tips below.

How to Encourage Your Child to Ask Questions

Allow Them to Be Curious

Children are curious about their surroundings, and you should let them be that way, even if this means that they'll get dirty or messy. Allowing them to explore and be curious will help develop their inquisitive nature and learn more.

Create a Positive Environment

Some children may find asking questions a bit intimidating, which is why you should create a positive environment where they are free to share their doubts. This means avoiding discouraging them when the questions get too repetitive or too obvious.

Learn New Things Together

When you're learning something new, a myriad of different questions can arise. To keep your child curious and ready to continue learning, enroll in a new class together (e.g. learn a new language).

Answer Their Questions

If your child's questions are meant to be answered, answer them. If you ignore them, they may feel discouraged to ask more. Moreover, they can learn a lot from the answers you provide.

Ask Them!

Another way to encourage your child to ask questions is to ask them questions. Turning the tables around and asking something like "why do you think that is" will give them a chance to employ their logic and creativity.

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