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A Guide to Maximizing the Quality of your Child’s Sleep

Sleep is a highly important process for the body, especially for young people who are still developing and learning. Not achieving adequate amounts of sleep per night (sleep deprivation) has been proven to be related to problems with attention, alertness, memory and even general health. This can, of course, have an effect on your child’s ability to flourish in an academic environment. Sleep is a process that is made up of different stages – when a person first falls asleep, they are in a light stage of sleep, and as the time that they are sleeping increases they gradually move into deeper and deeper stages. Experts believe that the consolidation of learning and the creation of new memories occurs during the ‘deepest’ stage of sleep, ‘Rapid Eye Movement (REM)’ Sleep. Therefore, this stage of sleep is paramount for your child’s learning. It takes around 1 to 1.5 hours to reach REM sleep. The first cycle of REM usually lasts around 20 minutes and each time that the cycle is repeated throughout the night, the duration of REM sleep increases. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure that your child has an adequate amount of time to sleep per night and that they manage to sleep without waking repeatedly. With classes starting as early as 7 am and all the distractions of modern life making bedtimes later and later, it can be an uphill struggle trying to ensure that your child gets, at least, the 8 hours of sleep recommended by experts. Luckily, The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest has written some ‘top tips’ to increase the amount of sleep your child is getting.

Cut the Caffeine

As many people know, caffeine is a stimulant that speeds up the heart rate and helps us to feel more awake and alert. However, did you know that the stimulating effects of caffeine can last up to 9 hours in the human body? This can affect your child’s ability to nod-off at bedtime. Caffeine is not only found in tea and coffee, but also in some surprising sources such as Cola or chocolate! It is advisable to avoid giving these to your child after midday so as to avoid encountering problems when it comes to bedtime.

Follow a Strict 'Bedtime Routine.'

Completing the same actions in the same order before bed every night is known as ‘bedtime routine.' It helps let the brain know that is time to calm down, relax and get ready to drift off to sleep. Enforcing a ‘bedtime routine’ from a young age is an excellent way to optimize your child’s sleep quality. Achieving a quality sleep is a great way for your child to increase the lessons learned through tutoring in Irvine. If your child is not attending tutoring, call The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest at 949 273 3534 now to find out about the full range of tutoring services in Irvine available at The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest.

No Electronic Items in the Bedroom

Sleep experts unanimously advocate removing all electronic items from the bedroom or at least turning them off before going to sleep. Light from devices such as cell phones or tablets can make it harder to fall asleep, and devices like these are also a big distraction for children and adolescents who struggle to maintain sleep and can frequently wake during the night.

Pay Attention to the Environment

It is important to make your child’s room as conducive to sleep as possible. Remove any potential sources of noise, ensure that the temperature is comfortable and provide good quality pillows and comforters. Also, keeping your child’s room neat and tidy can help to create a relaxed environment and encourage a peaceful night’s sleep.

Maintain Strict Sleep and Wake Times

The 'circadian' system directly controls the urge to sleep and wake. It is important to ensure that your child wakes up and goes to sleep at roughly the same time each day so that their circadian rhythm does not become confused.

Tutoring Services in Irvine

By following these simple tips, you can optimize the quality of your child’s sleep and hopefully see the results in their levels of alertness and academic success. If your child is struggling at school and falling behind their classmates, speak with The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest now at 949 273 3534 to learn more about how tutoring services in Irvine can help your child achieve. Our highly skilled staff can deliver academic programs via one-to-one instruction to ensure your child receives the attention they need.


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