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If you’re used to helping your child with their regular school homework each night, but are finding that the work they are bringing home is becoming more and more complex, to the point where you just can’t understand it yourself - you’re not alone. Every day, parents are finding that they just aren’t able to provide their children with the help they need and are looking to additional lessons through tutoring services near Laguna Woods. While this is a great way to boost their child’s grades and confidence, it can often leave parents to feel as if they need to take a backseat with their child’s education. Knowing the importance of parental involvement in a child’s education path, The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest has some ideas to share which, while may seem overly simple, can be powerful tools for parents to get involved in their child’s education and help to reinforce the lessons learned through a tutoring learning center like The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest.

What Is X Multiplied by a Trip to the Mall?

The first idea we have to share is called ‘Pop Quiz Favors’, and is one that can be easily incorporated into a parent’s and student’s everyday life. It starts with a quick read of your child’s notes after their tutoring lesson to prepare a small "Question and Answer" sheet for yourself. In particular, parents find it useful to ask their children which aspects they struggle with to help create this sheet. Armed with this "cheat sheet", it goes a little something like this:
  • Student: Hey, Mom! My friends are all meeting at the mall to do some shopping. Can you please give me a ride this afternoon?
  • Parent: Of course! That’s not a problem...just as soon as you can answer these three equations.
  • Student: Ugh! But MOM! Why do you keep doing this? Can’t you just take me to the mall?!
  • Parent: *Waits for the answer*
  • Student: Fine. Okay, the answers are…
While it’s almost certain that your child is going to be resistant to being continually asked to recite their tutoring lessons, parents soon see that with the right motivation, their children are able to recall more information than they let on. In addition to parents now having a tool that can increase their child’s ability to recall these lessons during exam times, parents themselves don’t need a working knowledge of subjects such as advanced algebra of trigonometry to do it. Like we said, this idea seems overly simple, but when it is put it into practice it can be a powerful tool to help children retain the lessons learned during their tutoring services near Laguna Woods. If you are interested in this idea and want to make sure that your child receives the lessons to thrive during their educational path, speak with The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest at 949 273 3534 and ask about tutoring services near Laguna Woods. Along with professional one-to-one instruction, tutors at The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest are able to provide tools to help students recall information when they really need it.

What's the Value of an Equation?

Similar to ‘Pop Quiz Favors’, this next idea focuses on chores that you would prefer your child to do, but ultimately know that you are the one who is going to end up doing them anyway. Armed with your prepared cheat sheet mentioned above, this one goes a little something like this:
  • Parent: Before you head to bed, can you please take out the trash?
  • Student: Ugh! Didn’t I take out the trash last week? I feel like I have to do it every week!
  • Parent: (Knowing that it was, in fact, themselves who took it out last week) - Not a problem. I’ll do it this week, just as soon as you can finish these three equations.
  • Student *They will likely sit for a second to contemplate, then realize they can recall the answer* Okay, okay! The answers are…
And voila! Before you know it, your child is able to recall important information they previously assumed they couldn’t while believing they got out of doing a chore they likely weren’t going to do anyway.

Boost Your Child's Learning and Raise Their Grades With the Right Tutoring Center Near Laguna Woods

In addition to these simple yet great tips to get you involved in your child’s learning, take it one step further. If your child has an upcoming exam, prepare a sample and short exam in the morning and have them answer it correctly before you provide that day’s Wi-Fi password. While they may seem reluctant, parents are often surprised at how well their children can do on a test exam when access to the internet is concerned. These are just some of the ways that parents can get involved in their child’s learning and really help reinforce professional tutoring services near Laguna Woods. To get the base lessons to perform these activities, speak with The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest at 949 273 3535 and ask about our ‘Geniuses in Training’ programs that have been designed to provide student’s with the exact level of learning they need to truly reach their learning potential and open up their future education opportunities.


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