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Keeping School a Priority

It’s always a big push to get our kids back to school after the long summer vacations. But, with a little preparation, you can usually get them off to a good start. Kids may even a little excited to move up a grade, meet their new teachers and find out who their classmates will be. However, it can feel almost impossible to keep that momentum going through Fall. In this blog, the team from The Tutoring Center, Lake Forest CA would like to share two tips to maintain study momentum heading into Fall.

Create short and long term goals.

If your child’s long-term goal is to achieve a certain GPA, then you can break this down with them into more achievable short-term goals, like ‘hand in my term paper on time’ or ‘study for my math test.' Long term goals can be overwhelming, but short-term goals can be used as motivational stepping stones towards these goals.

Provide Extra Support

If your child is struggling in one area or subject, they may start feeling disillusioned or demotivated. If they do not see that their efforts are being rewarded with outcomes, why should they carry on trying? To help these children stay motivated and build positive study momentum, consider additional teaching support to address any learning concerns and build their confidence.

Tutoring in Lake Forest

If you want to help your child stay focused and keep their momentum going, The Tutoring Center, Lake Forest CA could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Their innovative programs could help your child to work on the areas that they find challenging, free from the pressure of grades and classmates. Call today at 949-273-3534 for more information.


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