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A child's relationship with the TV can be a controversial topic. Some parents agree they shouldn't watch it, while others are all for it. The truth is, there are ways to strike the right balance in this situation. If you need a few tips on how you can achieve just that, continue reading.

How to Create Healthy TV Habits

  1. Before anything else happens, you need to practice what you preach. If you'll be regulating your child's TV habits, start by regulating your own. This will help you lead by example.
  2. Next, you should set rules regarding the TV. For instance, allow your child to watch it a few hours a day after they've completed their chores. However, don't let them watch it before bed or while they're eating.
  3. Nowadays, there's a great variety of TV shows your child could watch, ones with higher quality than others. To make this a learning experience, encourage your child to opt for the products with educational content.
  4. You should try to help your child watch TV actively. Questioning what they're watching and what they think of it will allow them to develop their critical thinking skills, which will keep them aware of what they're consuming.
  5. Finally, get your child involved in other activities that could be more beneficial to them. Motivate them to play sports, enroll them in a class, read with them, and engage them in activities other than watching TV.

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