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Learning a new language can be a challenge, but the benefits you gain from being multilingual are worth all the work. Whether you choose to learn a new language for fun, for travel purposes or as a challenge, keep in mind that it is a great all around tool. We here at The Tutoring Center in Lake Forest have put together a list of the benefits you can gain from simply learning a foreign language.

  1. Boost brain health- Learning a new language forces your brain to adapt to new language structures and work out the complexities that don’t form a part of the language you already speak. Having to navigate through these new structures sharpens your brain’s abilities and improves problem solving skills.
  2. Delay Alzheimer’s and dementia- Multiple studies have proven that adults who speak more than one language experience the onset of brain related diseases like Alzheimer’s later in life than those who only speak one language.
  3. Work out your mental muscle- Learning a language is like exercise for your brain. As it gets stronger, you develop a better memory. Being multilingual helps you remember lists and sequences better than those who only speak their native language.
  4. Multitask better- Multitasking, or juggling multiple tasks at once, can be difficult, but those who are multilingual have an easier time with it. Being able to switch from one language to another, whether written or spoken, allows the brain to get used to switching structures with minimal issues. These quick switches allow you to multitask with fewer mistakes.
  5. Employment opportunities- In today’s highly interconnected world, knowing multiple languages is almost a necessity when entering the job market. Those who know more than one language have an advantage over those who only speak one. Opportunities to travel for work also open up when you can effectively communicate with locals in another country.
  6. Travel abroad- Learning languages that are used in various parts of the world works to your advantage when you want to travel. You don’t have to rely on translators as you move about and are more secure knowing exactly what is going on. You will also be more open to world cultures as you learn about traditions and cultural practices.
  7. Improve academics- Your brain will develop new cognitive skills thanks to your language education. The brain is forced to operate differently which has been shown to improve standardized test scores in multilingual students when compared to monolingual students. This includes standardized tests like the SAT and the ACT.
The Tutoring Center in Lake Forest helps students improve their grades by developing the skills necessary to grow in an academic environment. The one-on-one tutoring sessions make it easier to target specific areas your child needs help with. We offer programs focused in reading, writing, math and test preparation. Contact us at (949) 273- 3534 for more information about our academic programs or to schedule your free consultation.


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