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When you have to study, what’s the first thing you go through to review your lessons? It’s probably your notes, right? For many students, notes are their main study material, which means that to study successfully, they need to have effective notes. With this in mind, this post will share some advice on how you can improve your note-taking skills.

How to Take Good Notes

Clean and Organized Notes

First of all, keep your notes cleaned and organized. Have a notebook for each subject so you don’t mix your notes up, and avoid doodling or a lot of mistakes so they’re not messy.

Comprehensible Notes

Make an effort to write comprehensible sentences in your best penmanship, so you don’t have trouble going through your notes when the time to study for your tests comes around. 

Work Out a System

Have a writing system to avoid falling behind in class. For instance, you should pay special attention to and write down the main ideas, and employ common abbreviations to keep up the pace. 

Emphasize What’s Important

There are certain pieces of information that are more important than others. Help them stand out in your notes by accentuating them with highlighters, colored pens or sticky notes.

Proofread Your Notes

Lastly, remember to reread your notes once you’re done taking them. Doing so will allow you to spot any mistakes or things that you may have missed. If that’s the case, ask your teacher or peers to clarify. 

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