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Paying attention entails monumental amounts of effort, both from the body and the mind. However, if you aren't always successful at gathering all of that energy to focus when you're in the classroom, below are some tips to help you increase your attention levels in class.

How to Pay Attention in Class

  1. Start by fulfilling your most basic needs: eating well and resting enough. Your brain won't be keen to learn and focus otherwise.
  2. It's a good idea to take some time before class starts to let go of distracting, irrelevant thoughts and get your mind ready to focus.
  3. Needless to say, if you have a cell phone or other source of distraction with you, put it away before class begins, so it can't divert your mind.
  4. Choosing the right seat can impact your attention levels; one near the front and center of the classroom, away from friends and windows, may be best for your concentration.
  5. Your body language should be in tune with your intentions to pay attention in class. This means you should sit up straight and face forward to be a more receptive student.
  6. If you want to force yourself to focus on what your teacher is saying, take notes during class. Doing so will also help you when the time to study comes around.
  7. A great tip to ensure you get the most out of your classes is to participate in them. Share, ask, listen, answer, and discuss in order to have a more enriching and enticing learning experience.
  8. Finally, if on any given day, you just can't focus in class, at least try no to be a distraction to others, as you could interfere with their own learning journey.

Become a Better Learner and Student with Tutoring in Lake Forest CA

One-to-one tutoring will provide the support, attention, and tools you require to become a better learner, and as such, a better student. Call The Tutoring Center, Lake Forest CA at 949-273-3534 to learn more about their academic programs, or to request a free consultation regarding one-to-one tutoring in Lake Forest CA.


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