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Three No-Brainers to Boosting Your Child's Brain

The old excuse of 'I just don't have a good memory' isn't going to cut it anymore, so don't let your child try it as an excuse for bad grades. Instead, Tutoring Center in Lake Forest has three ideas for you to try at home to help  boost their memory and recollection skills.

How Is Their Brain When They Learn?

If your child is stress or feels pressured while they study then instead of retaining the knowledge, they could just be gleaning it. When your child has an upcoming exam, do your best to help them prepare their time so that they can approach their study periods with an organized and relaxed mind. A relaxed mind is a ready mind.

Try a Different Approach

It could be that simple reading isn't the best way for your child to retain knowledge. If your child prefers a more auditory style of learning then it could be an advantage for them to learn through recorded lectures, instead of reading from a text book. Of course, when learning from an auditory source, it is always important to take sufficient written notes for later recollection and use for study materials.

Break It Up

Sometimes it just comes down to needing a break. Halfway through study, encourage your child to pause for a brain fueling snack to give their brains a mid-study boost.  Better yet, have some prepared snacks ready to go. Remember the half and half reward rule, half healthy and half a little less healthy snacks to keep them going.

Tutoring in Lake Forest CA

Effective study periods are important for every student and can be a great way to complement the benefits of one-to-one instruction and formal tutoring in Lake Forest. If you're interested in helping your child achieve their potential, speak with Tutoring Center Lake Forest on 949 273 3534 and book your free consultation.


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