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Young children have a mind that's waiting to develop, absorb information, and learn as much as it can. If you want to take advantage of this, you can teach your child basic academic skills so that they can have a head start for when they begin school. To that end, in this installment, you'll find tips on how to teach your child to subtract.

How to Introduce Your Child to Subtractions

Count Backwards

To add and subtract, you need to know how to count. Ensure your child feels comfortable doing so, so you can explain to them that subtractions are similar to counting backward. You may use a number line to illustrate this point.

Make Use of Objects

If your child doesn't understand subtractions, using objects can give them a better idea of what they entail. An abacus can come in handy for this: count the beads in one of the rows, and then move some of the beads away. Count the ones left to teach them the concept.

Make Up Stories

If you want to make subtractions more fun and entertaining for your child, make up stories around them. Telling them about a rabbit that collected 8 carrots and was eating them 2 at a time will make your child more likely to want to practice subtractions.

Employ Fact Families

You can also make use of your child's knowledge in order to simplify subtractions for them. For example, you can use fact families, which basically explains to them that if 4 + 4 =8; 8 - 4 = 4.

Don't Rush Them

As a final tip, keep in mind that your child will learn to subtract at their own pace. This means that you shouldn't rush them into working on triple digit subtractions right away, as they can become intimidated and overwhelmed if they're not ready.

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