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Starting High School: How to Help Your Teen Adjust

The change from middle to high school can be intimidating as your teenager moves to a larger building with more unfamiliar students and harder classes. The Tutoring Center in Lake Forest wants to help them navigate their way through high school with these simple steps:

Establish a Routine

Your high schooler’s mind will be full of worries and concerns for the first few weeks of school, about where they will eat lunch, who will be in their classes and how they will get home from school. Go over the daily grind with your teenager, clarifying transport to and from school, what time any extra curricular activities might be and any other concerns they may have. This will help them feel at ease and ready to dive into those harder classes.

Make Time for Friends

Social life becomes an even bigger part of your teenager’s life as they enter high school and they will be meeting many potential new friends. While extra curricular activities and homework are important, look for opportunities for your high schooler to socialize with their peers outside of school. Making some new friends will help your teenager find their place in the often chaotic world of high school, helping them feel secure about who they are and giving them a break from the stress of grades and homework.

Take Advantage of Back-to-School Sales

While it might sound a bit ridiculous, getting your teenager some new items for the start of the school year will help them feel excited about the prospect of starting a new year. Walking into a new building in a new place with new people can be a little less scary if your teen is proudly flashing their new sneakers or jeans. While you don’t want to go overboard and spoil your teen, investing a little into their wardrobe can help them feel confident at a potentially vulnerable time.

Tutoring in Lake Forest CA

You’ve gotten your teen ready for high school and now come the academics! For any reading, writing, or math help through one­-to­-one instruction or private tutoring, give The Tutoring Center in Lake Forest a call at 949-273-3534 today.


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