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For many students, the ability to stay focused as summer approaches becomes increasingly more difficult with every day of spring. Often this is referred to as “Spring Fever”, and most everybody experiences it when the weather outside becomes warmer and more inviting. Not surprising, children typically suffer more than adults. Luckily, you can help your student stay focused as summer approaches with just a little bit of discipline and planning. Here are four easy tips we recommend trying before seeking a private tutor in Lake Forest, CA.

Be a Good Role Model

Kids are like sponges when it comes to the environment they are working in. Don’t be a distraction to your student when they need to focus. Make a deal with them that when you finish your work and they finish theirs, then you will both do something to ‘celebrate’ together. It’s important to make a pact and stick to it! As adults, you can always keep yourself busy, so if your student is working, find something to stay busy with them. 

Discuss Expectations and Rewards Beforehand

Many children are so caught up in the excitement of summer, they sometimes forget about their expectations as a student. Likewise, a lot of kids are reward oriented. So, when you establish that one hour of homework will equal to one hour of playing outside, watching television, or playing video games, students are encouraged to focus on what needs to be done now in order to achieve what they want to do after. 

Don’t Change Your Routine

Just because the sun stays up longer doesn’t mean you and your student should too! In fact, continue doing everything on the same schedule as usual; eating, exercising, relaxing, etc. When there is a routine to follow, kids are much less likely to break focus and become distracted with the warmer weather. 

Make Working Fun

Take advantage of the warm weather and use it as an incentive for you and your child to work together. Planning a “homework picnic” over the weekend can be a great way to enjoy the warming weather, while still getting necessary work done. Also, get involved in their work and be excited about it. Find some fun and educational experiments you wouldn’t consider doing indoors, and take everything to a nearby park. Working doesn’t always have to feel like work. 

Throughout this process, we can offer professional tutoring in Lake Forest, CA to further enhance your students learning experience. Also, always remember to leave room for exceptions; after all, nobody is perfect. Making small compromises here and there can greatly help your student advance. Being too lenient, however, will be detrimental in the long run. So, try to find a happy balance and feel free to contact The Tutoring Center in Lake Forest, CA at (949) 273-3534 with any questions or for a free evaluation.


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