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As we’ve recently spoken about ways you can help in enhancing the study skills of your child, is seems like a natural next step to discuss another way you can do just that. Providing your child with a specific place in which to get said studying done, where he or she can leave the tools necessary to study well, and have some quiet, is essential to this practice. The Tutoring Center in Lake Forest would like to provide you with a few great tips on how to prepare a study space for your child. 

Start by determining a location for said study space. Make sure that this area is one you are comfortable with losing at least partial control over. Don’t make it in an area of the house that you frequent and need the space in on a regular basis. If you’ve got an office or a nook in the living room, for example, these may be excellent options. Provide your child with the tools needed, a writing space, a comfortable seat, and quietness. 

Next, be sure to set rules for the use of this space. If you know, for example, that your child can study and work well with music, then you can allow him or her to use it. However, if that is a major distraction then forbid it in the study space. As a general rule, television should not be permitted in the study space. If your child is studying in a room where there is already a television then be sure to have the rule that it should not be on during study hours. Likewise, your child should limit the distraction of having his or her cellphone near when in this space as well. 

You’ll also want to ensure that your child’s study schedule is visible from the study area. This is something you and your child should have set up at the beginning of the month or school year to ensure your child is getting adequate study time in each subject area. Especially your child should be aware when a test is coming up, to add extra study time for that class. 

Having this in the study area as a visual reminder of what tasks need to be completed, is great motivation. Having a well established study space, study schedule, and study habits will definitely yield improvements in your child’s academic pursuits. Even so, there is always the possibility that your child will need help in a class that he or she finds particularly difficult. For tutoring in Lake Forest remember that The Tutoring Center is prepared to help. Contact us today at (949) 273-3534 to schedule your child’s free diagnostic assessment.


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