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How You Can Help Your Child Achieve Higher Grades in Their Math Exams

This time of year can be very stressful in the run up to exams. Most students are studying a number of subjects, which can become extremely overwhelming. One of these subjects is often found to be the most overwhelming of all for many students – Math! Math is a core topic in the school curriculum and one that can be incredibly confusing. Every year the subject matter in Math becomes increasingly complex, building on what has been learned the year before. Often, topics must be covered quickly, and if your child is not able to rapidly grasp and understand key concepts, they may fall behind and not be able to progress in their studies. Math can feel abstract and alien to many of us, even adults. But fortunately, the experts at The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest have put together this guide with tips to help your child excel in their Math exams.

Build Up Gradually

To give your child the best chance to flourish in their exams, it’s important to ensure that they have a good understanding of all the topics covered and methods used in order to be able to solve any problem presented to them in the exam. To identify areas of weakness in your child’s mathematical knowledge, start by helping them study the more basic concepts first and even consider going back to content covered in previous grades. Start with easier exercises and gradually make them more and more complex, so that your child can grasp the basics before moving on to the more advanced material. If your child is struggling or falling behind at school, Tutoring in Lake Forest is an excellent way to provide them with the expert support they need. Call The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest today at 949 273 3534 to learn more about the benefits of tutoring classes near Lake Forest.

Practice Makes Perfect

When preparing for any exam, nothing is more effective than practicing as many exam-style questions as possible. It is important to find out how your child’s Math exams are written. For example, in multiple choice exams, the only thing that matters is the final answer, whereas, with long-answer exam questions, points are awarded for the steps taken in the calculation of the final solution. Design a few activities to work through at home every evening. In this way, your child can get used to the style of their exam, as well as get valuable practice solving specific mathematical problems. In the beginning, it is useful to divide these activities by topic so that your child can get used to practicing one specific method of calculation at a time. You can then build upon this by mixing the questions up so that your child has to work out which method to use. By building up gradually in this way, you should see your child gaining confidence as well as mathematical knowledge, and they should be well-prepared for their upcoming exams.

Use Real World Examples

A common complaint by students, when talking about studying Math, is that it is a very abstract topic. Some can find it difficult to understand concepts without being able to relate them to real world situations. You can help your child assimilate abstract mathematical concepts to real world situations by using props and diagrams to help them to understand. For example, probability can be illustrated with a bag of jelly beans. Open the bag and separate the jelly beans into sets of colors. Once you know how many of each color there are, you can work out the overall percentage of the bag made up of that color. This allows you to work out the probability of selecting a jelly bean of each color at any time.


Flashcards are a great way to learn concepts and equations. You can color code by topic and use the cards to play a game – place the cards on the table with the equation or concept facing down and the name facing up. Ask your child to pick one card at a time and recite the information on the bottom. Each time they get this right, they get a point.

Give Them the Help They Need with Tutoring Classes near Lake Forest

If your child requires extra support with their studying, tutoring classes near Lake Forest can help. Call The Tutoring Center of Lake Forest today at 949 273 3534 to find out about how one-to-one instructional sessions can help your child increase their understanding of math.


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