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What is Your Child's Learning Style?

All children have a preferred learning style or a combination of various styles, even if they don't know it. Knowing your child's preferred learning style can give you a huge boost when you're figuring out ways to help them grow academically. If your child is a kinesthetic leaner, The Tutoring Center in Lake Forest  can help you find activities that they will enjoy and learn from.

What is a Kinesthetic Learner?

Kinesthetic learners love moving around as they work and enjoy hand on activities. Small children tend to fit into this category because of all the energy they regularly have. Playing physically active games or performing hands on science experiments tend to be to their liking. Don't force your child to sit still as they study, instead find activities that encourage movement and learning.

Learn to Identify Colors and Shapes

If your child is just starting to learn colors, take them outdoors for a fun activity that will get them moving. Draw some giant colored shapes on your sidewalk using sidewalk chalk with your child's help. Next, have your child stand in between all your sidewalk drawings. Instruct your child to hop over to a certain color or shape. You can change up the hopping with skipping, jumping and other fun ways to move around. If your child gets one wrong, correct the mistake but stay positive and encourage your child to keep moving.

Learn to Write Letters and Numbers

Practicing letters on a sheet of paper can get boring. Instead, have your child use their body to form letters. You can lay on the floor at home and try to form letters using your body. Other fun alternatives include molding letters and numbers out of play dough or creating letters and numbers with pasta. You can also add some sand to the bottom of a pencil box and have your child practice tracing letters or numbers in the sand with an unsharpened pencil. Figuring out what way your child learns best is a great way to ensure your child is really understanding their work. For extra help, The Tutoring Center in Lake Forest can provide your child with a great learning environment and one-on-one tutoring to target the areas they need extra help with. Be sure to check out our academic programs focused in reading, writing, math and test preparation. Give us a call at (949) 273- 3534 for more information or to schedule your free consultation.


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