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Helping Your Child Remember Their Math Lessons

Whilst some children absolutely love math, many children don't, and it can be difficult to motivate them to learn. With a world full of so many distractions, The Tutoring Center in Lake Forest has some ideas about how you can incorporate basic math into fun activities with your family.

How to Keep Your Lessons Relevant

It can be difficult for children to retain knowledge if they aren't able to immediately see its relevance. Any chance for you to build incidental lessons into your daily routine can greatly improve your children's knowledge retention as they are able to directly relate the lesson to a practical example.

Make It a Fun Game

It doesn't matter whether you play board or card games, a puzzle, or a fun counting game such as Yahtzee; what matters most is that you and your children are having fun while learning. If your kids are more interested in technology based learning, look for games that have a more hands on approach or allow them to utilize technology whilst learning.

Get Ideas From Your Child's Teacher

Make some time to meet and speak with your child's teacher about any ideas they can share with you to help you boost your child's learning and knowledge retention. Not only will your child's teacher have ideas for general games and activities, they will be able to suggest particular activities targeted to difficult areas that your child may be struggling with that would complement formal tutoring.

Help Your Child Reach Their Potential with The Tutoring Center in Lake Forest

These are just some of the great ways to complement your child's tutoring or one to one instruction sessions. If making sure that your child receives the educational attention they need, speak with one of our professionals here at The Tutoring Center in Lake Forest on 949-273-3534 and speak with us about math help, writing and reading assistance.


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