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Reading, spelling, vocabulary, and more skills can be improved by having a dictionary nearby. However, in order for your child to be benefited from a dictionary, they need to learn how to use it properly. If you’d like a few tips on how you can help them learn use a dictionary, you can give the ones below a try.

How to Use a Dictionary Effectively

Practice the Alphabet

Obviously, the alphabet is pretty important when using a dictionary, which is why you should remind your child about it. You can even sing along to the alphabet song so they memorize the order the letters are in.

Provide an Appropriate Dictionary

The next step is to find the right dictionary for your child. As you know, there are different kinds of dictionaries (specialized, translation, etc.). However, a basic, English paperback pocket dictionary that they can carry around may be best since they’re just starting out.

Learn About the Dictionary

Dictionaries are also useful if you want to find synonyms, antonyms, a word’s pronunciation, its origin, its part of speech, and more. This is why your child should learn about the dictionary, its components, what the abbreviations used in it mean, etc.

Search Efficiently

Now for the good part: teach your child how to look up words in the dictionary. They should start by searching for the first letter in the word. Once they’re in that letter’s section in the dictionary, they should use the guide words at the top to find out if the word they need is in a certain page.

Understand the Meaning

Lastly, make sure that your child understands the meaning of the word they searched for. Encourage them to also look up unknown words within the definition so they can get a better idea of the first word’s meaning.

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