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For children, fairy tales are fun, exciting stories. Still, they can do much more than just entertain them. To learn about the benefits of reading fairy tales, refer to the post below.

How Fairy Tales Can Help Your Child

  1. Fairy tales come from all over the world. This means that, through them, your child can learn about other cultures. Moreover, they can learn about other traditions, ways of thinking, and contexts through them.
  2. The main character in a fairy tale is often presented with a few different options. After that, they need to deal with the consequences of whatever they chose. This can teach your child about decision making.
  3. For the fairy tale to be interesting and entertaining, it needs to put the hero through some hardship. Still, this can let your child learn about disappointment and the importance of resilience.
  4. A fairy tale also requires some degree of adventure. Once again, your child will be inspired to try new things and search for their own adventures and stories to tell.
  5. Finally, fairy tales often stress the significance of relationships. The hero turns to friends in order to achieve their goal. This can lead your child to understand why they need to be a good friend, how they can be one, and why they should keep good friends around them.

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