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Vocabulary Help: Words to Stop Mistaking

Here are some words that many people mix up, but you can stop with some mnemonic help. Let's give it a try.

Censor vs Censure

To "censor" is to remove negative material, as in to bleep curse words from a music video. To "censure" means to disapprove of or to criticize strongly. "MTV censured the musician for having to censor so much indecent content from his music video."

Capital vs Capitol

A "capitol" is a government building where the legislature meets. A "capital" is a city that serves as the seat of government. The capitol is in the capital, and remember that the "o" means it's a building.

To, Too, & Two

Remember that "too" has an extra "o" that is "also" included. "Two" is a number and "to" is short for "toward".

Hole vs Whole

A "hole" is an opening. It is missing a "w" so it can never be "whole," or complete.

Precede vs Proceed

To "precede" is to come before something. The prefix "pre-" tells you that it involves something before. To "proceed" means to move forward.

Cereal vs Serial

"Cereal" is what you eat in the morning. "Serial" means in a series, a story told in installments.

Complement vs Compliment

"Complement" can be a noun or a verb referring to an element that adds to or enhances something. A "compliment" is something nice said about someone. The "e" in complement is because it is "completing" something. And "i" like compliments as much as the next person.


"Data" comes from Latin and means "bits of information." The "bits" part of the definition means that it is plural. "These data are intriguing," may sound odd, but it is correct. If you are referring to one piece of information, the singular form is "datum."

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