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Avoid These Words and Phrases for Healthy Writing

Do not let your prose sound sick. Avoid making the following common mistakes.
  1. Considered to be First, get rid of to be, and if it is not clear who is considering, delete the entire phrase.
  2. In terms of A completely unnecessary phrase. Eliminate it completely.
  3. Per Unless writing legalese or technical jargon, where its use is appropriate, substitute according to instead.
  4. Due to the fact that Don't you mean because? Feel free to use due to after a linking verb (The student's absence was due to illness.) If for another reason, get rid of it.
  5. Irregardless It is not a word, so do not use it.
  6. Plus This word is not a conjunction in formal writing. Use and.
  7. Each and every A problem for the Department of Redundancy Department. Just use one or the other.
  8. Kind of or sort of. Hanging with friends, these words are fine. In formal writing, use somewhat, rather or slightly.
  9. At this point in time Why so many words? Just say At this time or at this point or better now.
  10. Equally as Check the word order on this one. You want to say equally important or as important as, but not equally as important.
  11. Literally Many times, what you mean to say is figuratively. If you are literally dying from so much work, you mean that you are figuratively dying, but you should probably avoid using either word.

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